Waterfalls of Western North Carolina :: Articles and Interviews


Photography: Advice and musings on the art and craft of photography

Beginning Waterfall Photography, part 1: Capturing Flow
Beginning Waterfall Photography, part 2: Freezing Motion
Beginning Waterfall Photography, part 3: Basics of Composition
Make Your Waterfall Photos More Interesting: Composition part 2
The Secret to Perfect Exposure: Reading Your Camera's Histogram
Identifying and Eliminating Technical Flaws
Taking Sharper Photos
Time of Day in Waterfall Photography
Beginning Waterfall Photography: Workflow

Backcountry: Practical advice on staying safe and found in the backcountry, how to use my products effectively.

Using Your iPhone in the Backcountry
GPS Assisted Turn by Turn Driving Directions
Estimating Distance while Hiking
Essential Gear for Waterfall Hiking
Hyperlocal Weather for Waterfalls of Western North Carolina

Interviews: speaking with some of my favorite local artists

Charles Hardin: Faith and Dedication

Mark Houser: Photographic Treasure

Victor Ellison: Lone Survivor