Hyperlocal Weather with Waterfalls of Western North Carolina

Raging Dry Falls

Hyperlocal weather is a new weather forecasting technique pioneered by a pair of physicists at forecast.io. The technique combines existing weather sources, using statistical analysis to provide more location specific weather reports than were previously possible.

What does this mean for waterfall lovers? You no longer need to know which weather station to check, or what the nearest town is, or whether the nearest town is on the other side of a mountain with a different weather system. Simply check the weather at a particular falls.

My website makes this easy for the more than 80 waterfalls listed. Simply navigate to my waterfalls site and find your waterfall in the list. Click the waterfall to be taken to its main page. I will use Looking Glass Falls as an example.

On the Looking Glass Falls page you will see hyperlocal weather along the left side, showing you the current conditions at Looking Glass Falls. Click the current temperature link to see more hyperlocal weather options. This takes you to the forecast.io site, which has lots of cool options for viewing weather at the selected location.

weekly weather view from forecast.io

Scroll down a little for the next week's forecast. Here you can see the daily high and low along with an animated syponsis icon. Click on a day to see the detail view, which shows an hour by hour forecast of temperature and precipitation. There are other nice details as well, like the sunrise and sunet times.

time machine weather view from forecast.io

One of my favorite options from forecast.io is the ability to see weather from the past. Often when you are planning a waterfall hike, the weather of the previous few days is just as important as the weather for the day you are planning to go. If you want to see a low flow waterfall like Moore's Cove Falls at the height of its glory, make sure it has received a couple of inches of rain over the previous day or two. If you are planning to go play in one of the larger rivers, make sure it has NOT rained recently or you may find the river more dangerous than you expected.

To see past weather at forecast.io, click on the time machine button near the top of the screen. You will be asked for a date to be viewed. You can use natural language like "yesterday" or "last week".

The really cool thing about forecast.io is that all this is specific to the waterfall you are looking at. This is not weather for the nearest town, it is weather at the actual location of the falls. So next time you are planning a waterfall trip drop by my site and check the weather. You may be glad you did!

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