Waterfalls of Western North Carolina :: GPS Assisted Driving Directions

Sliding Rock

I use my Waterfalls of WNC app nearly every time I go out in the woods. One of the main reasons: GPS assisted driving directions to the trailheads for more than 80 waterfalls is just so convenient! In this article I will show you how easy it is to get turn by turn directions using my Waterfalls of WNC app and give you a few tips for dealing with remote areas that have no signal.

If you have an iPhone you have probably discovered the wonderful world of GPS assisted driving directions. Your iPhone can give you turn by turn directions from any address to any address using its built in maps app. But did you know 3rd party apps like mine can use the maps app to add their own destinations? So you can get turn by turn directions that include things like forest service roads to all but the most remote trailheads. Here's how.

Open the Waterfalls of WNC app and you will see the map screen. If you can find the waterfall or parking area on the map, simply tap the icon. If you would rather search or pick it from a list, tap the search button in the lower left corner.

Main Screen

If you tapped a parking icon, you can get driving directions by tapping the road sign icon in the top right. If you tapped a waterfall, you can get driving directions by tapping the action button in the top right and choosing "Driving Directions" from the list.

Either way, you will see this confirmation that you are about to leave my app:

Leaving Waterfalls of WNC app

Tap OK and the maps app will open with one or more routes highlighted. Just tap "Start" in the upper right hand corner to start navigation.

Driving Directions


Apple's maps app doesn't support offline maps and it can't generate directions without a phone signal. If you generate your directions in areas that do have phone signal, you can still get turn by turn directions. So get your directions before you start driving, even if you have a general idea of where you are going.

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