Waterfalls of Western North Carolina :: Looking Glass Falls


Looking Glass Falls is one of the more popular waterfalls in the Pisgah National Forest near Looking Glass Rock, an area renowned for its many creeks, streams, waterfalls, mountain biking trails, and beautiful vistas. As Highway 276 winds through the Pisgah National Forest north of Brevard on its way to the Shining Rock Wilderness, it passes by Looking Glass Falls, a majestic high volume falls measuring about 70 feet in a single drop.

Driving Directions: Take highway 276 north from the town of Brevard, NC into the Pisgah National Forest. At about 5 miles you will come to a fork in the road, stay right to stay on highway 276. Looking Glass Falls has a long, narrow parking area right on the highway to your right. If you reach Sliding Rock at about 7.5 miles you have missed it. GPS assisted driving directions are available in my iPhone app.

There is a wheelchair-accessible upper overlook for Looking Glass Falls. You can also follow the paved stairs down to the lower overlook and even play in the Davidson River in the plunge pool below the falls. As with all large waterfalls, be careful as the currents and force of moving water can be dangerous. Never approach the top of a waterfall, always access it from the plunge pool below!

In the summer you will often see people swimming in the plunge pool of Looking Glass Falls.

Historic flooding in 2013 transformed the normally tranquil Looking Glass Falls into a raging torrent of water.

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